Blame! Wiki
Gender Female
Race Electrofishers
Hair Black
First Appearance Log.14
Last Appearance Log.34
Status Alive
Allies Electrofishers, Killy, Cibo
Enemies Safeguard
Voice Actor Christine Marie Cabanos
Seiyū Sora Amamiya

Zuru is a member of the Electrofishers community. She is depicted as a doctor of a sorts. She has affection toward Sutezo but never express it verbally.

After Sutezo is killed, she shows a more aggressive side of herself and becomes a leader of a sorts.

Blame! Movie[]

In the movie Zuru is a teenager that just reached maturity and is ready to join the Electrofisher soldiers.

In the beginning of the movie she leads a group of other teenagers. They steal combat gear and head outside of town in search for food. They are attacked by Exterminators, some of the kids die but in the end they are saved by Killy.

They take him back to town where the rest of the townsfolk doubt Killy as he is the first outsider that arrived for years, but Zuru convinces them to let him in.

When Fusata is shocked by Tae's death, Zuru manages to get him out of it.

In the fight between Killy and Sanakan, Zuru throws Killy's GBE to him which eventually helps him to defeat the Safeguard.

In the end, Killy gives Zuru his Electric Barrier Generator. Years after the Electrofishers settle in a new location the story is concluded by Zuru's granddaughter who still keeps the Barrier Generator.

Zuru movie1

Zuru in the movie