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This is a list of weapons in the series.

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GBE Pistol[]

The Titular weapon used by Killy. The Pistol has multiple level of settings and is very powerful even at low level.

GBE Heavy Pistol[]

A larger version of the Pistol used by a reprogrammed Sanakan. The Heavy Pistol is stronger then the standard Pistol used by Killy.

GBE Light Rifle[]

A Light Variant of the GBE Rifle used by a presumably Level 5 or a 4, the beam is known to be very strong, far stronger then the Heavy Pistol, only seen at the destroyed village that was defended by the Village Agent and presumably he's sidekick the Sewer Agent.

GBE Heavy Rifle[]

The larger variant used by Sanakan, a level 6. The rifle is one of the most Strongest handheld weapons in the Safeguard Arsenal.

Stockless long barrel gun[]

A unusually compact gun used by Killy when he fought Schiff, the gun fires rifle sized bullets and creates large explosions similar to a Grenade. The gun was destroyed and was never seen again.

Rapid Fire Heavy Pistol[]

Another gun which is pistol sized, this gun fires rapidly like a SMG and was used by Killy when he fought Schiff, the Bullet Caliber of the Heavy Pistol is extremely potent, able smash pass Schiff's Metal Helmet and also destroy Pcell's arm when Killy fought her.

Buckshot Shotgun[]

A stockless Shotgun that was used by Killy to fight Pcell. the shotgun fires unusually long shells and deals damage that is almost equivalent to his GBE Pistol. The shotgun was destroyed when Pcell swipes her GBE Blade at Killy.

Mini Pistol[]

This small Concealable gun fires small beams similar to the GBE, it was noticeably used by Killy on a Exoform Pilot. A similar weapon exist in Knight's of Sidonia.


Laser Gun[]

The Technomads are known to be using this kind of firearms for defense and a large quantity is kept by them.

Portable Beam Cannon[]

A massive gun that was used by the Technomads, the gun is able to completely vaporize a Watcher and melt through concrete and steel.