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The Unofficial Megastructure is an abandoned Megastructure that seem to not have any use. When Davine Lu Linvega and her subroutine Silicon Life infiltrated into this Megastructure, the automatic security systems of the building created two provisional Safeguards, Dhomochevsky and Iko to apprehend the Silicon Life and to protect any human in the vicinity.

Since the Megastructure was not complete/operational it had a security loophole that would allow any human to access the Netsphere. Davine Lu Linvega intended to use this loophole to access the Netsphere, otherwise blocked to all Silicon Life.

General Terms Base Reality * City * Factory * Language Matrix * Megastructure * Net Terminal Genes * Netsphere * Temporary Access Authentication * The World * Unofficial Megastructure
Creatures and Professions Carriers * Dismantler * Exterminators * High-Level Exterminator
Technology Anti Magnetic Cocoon * Electric Barrier Generator * Food Ration Bar * Forwarding * Gravitational Beam Emitter * Structure Conversion Towers