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Thousands of years ago humans created the Netsphere, a virtual reality space not unlike the modern Internet. They used the Netsphere to further develop civilization and grow the City using Builders.


During the time of the NOiSE manga, the City grew beyond the control of the Netsphere and the local authorities. Technologies and weapons were made and sold without much supervision. For this reason a government body called the Safeguard developed a technology to make silicon based life forms. A cult named The Order stole this technology and created the first Silicon Life.

Before Blame![]

In the centuries to come humanity lost the ability(Net Terminal Genes) to connect to the Netsphere and with it the ability to control the Builders, the Safeguards and the growth of the City. This is sometimes referred to as The Infection, even though no one knows if this was an actual infection or a natural evolution of the human genes.

In this crisis a governing agency of the City called the Authority made a program to search the City for humans with the Net Terminal Gene so they could take control over the City once again.

Meanwhile the Builders and the Safeguards lost leadership and went back to their default duties:

Builders: keep building and extending the City buildings.

Safeguards: eliminate all humans without the Net Terminal Gene from the City borders and protect the City from intruders(mainly the Silicon Life).

Since the Authority had limited resources in the Base Reality and mostly operated from the Netsphere, they searched for more reliable physical assistance. With this goal they managed to steal a Safeguard body and reprogram it to search for human with the Net Terminal Gene.

After Blame![]

After Killy manages to bring a human with the Net Terminal Gene to the Authority, they take control over the Netsphere, the Builders and the Safeguards. With time they restore parts of the City to normal function. Human communities are restored and start to flourish. The Silicon Life are hunted and killed en masse.

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