Blame! Wiki
Gender Male
Race Electrofishers
Hair Black
First Appearance Log.13
Last Appearance Log.17
Status Deceased
Allies Electrofishers, Killy, Cibo
Enemies Safeguard
Voice Actor Keith Silverstein
Seiyū Mamoru Miyano

Sutezo is a member of the Electrofishers community. He is first seen on a patrol with Pops.

He was killed by Sanakan when she transformed her hands into huge butterfly wings.

Blame! Movie[]

Sutezo's character in the movie is very different from the manga. Here he is very grumpy man in his twenties. He tends to distrust both Killy and Cibo throughout the movie. He doesn't really have any plot lines and just tends to yell at people.

Sutezo movie1

Movie Sutezo


  • He is nicknamed "Sute".