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Susono Musubi
Susono Musubi1
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Black
First Appearance NOiSE 1
Last Appearance NOiSE 6
Allies Clawsa
Enemies The Order

Susono was a police officer working on a case of kidnappings with her partner Clawsa. After following a lead, her partner is kidnapped. She finds out that the ones behind the kidnappings is a cult called The Order.

She is suspended from the police force and all her Netsphere privileges are lifted by a secret government force called the Safeguards. Later they offer her a way get revenge on the Order by turning her into a Safeguard Silicon Life.

Susono was one of the first original Safeguards deployed by the Netsphere to stop hacking attempts and annihilate illegal Silicon Creatures made from stolen Netsphere technologies. The Netsphere was originally designed to be a dream-realization machine for the good of mankind, as it grants the registered End-User access to God-like privileges, but it was perverted by the Society Elites who thirst for more power and longevity. Later overwhelmed by hacking attempts from rebel groups, activists and profit-oriented criminals, the Netsphere crashed and went into Self-protective overdrive, that rejected its terminal authentication and stopped issuing new End-user licenses altogether.