Blame! Wiki
Blame v07 c01 p020
Gender Male
Race Silicon Life
Hair None
First Appearance Log.38
Last Appearance Log.44
Status Deceased
Allies Silicon Life; Davinelulinvega; Pcell; Blon
Enemies Safeguard; Dhomochevsky; Iko; Killy

Schiff was a Silicon Creature serving under Davinelulinvega.


Volume 7[]

Schiff was one of the Silicon Creatures of Davinelulinvega’s gang that invaded the unofficial megastructure level in order to access the Netsphere.  He and his allies clashed with Safeguards Dhomochevsky and Iko for many years, gradually claiming control of the level over time.

He is first seen during the Safeguard’s failed assault to retake the level’s central nexus and, with his fellow Silicon Creatures, is successful in capturing the Structure Conversion Towers.  With Dhomochevsky severely wounded, Schiff moved in for the kill, easily slicing through the Safeguard Exterminators and succeeding in stabbing one of Dhomochevsky’s eyes out before his allies carry him away.

Centuries later, Schiff is seen upgrading himself when Pcell arrives to inform him of an intruder encountering Dhomochevsky, leaving a 70 km long hole with their weapon.  Schiff decides they must be dealt with immediately.

Volume 8[]

After Killy attempts to reenter the Megastructure level (from being kicked out by Dhomochevsky), Schiff sneaks up and engages him, slicing up one of his guns before knocking him through a wall.  He tries to stab Killy’s head, but he blocks the blade with his hand before blasting off Schiff’s right arm.  Schiff stabs him through the abdomen, but this doesn’t deter Killy, who easily flips the Silicon Creature over his shoulder before delivering to him an absolutely brutal beatdown.  As Schiff claws at his mangled face, Killy fires a round into his head, ending the life of the Silicon Creature. 


Being a Silicon Creature, Schiff has a very robotic, mechanical appearance. He wears a suit of black armor with a skull-like mask, giving him the appearance of a knight.


Schiff wields a pair of blades that slide out of his arms, similar to Wolverine's claws, which can slice through nearly any metal and shoot out at incredible speed. He exhibits incredible speed and agility, and is stealthy enough to sneak up on Killy (who is able to see thousands of kilometers away).