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The Safeguard was, at one point, a security program controlled by the Administration tasked with protecting the City and its inhabitants. However, working on outdated protocols, the Safeguard became hostile to many of the City's inhabitants, transforming it into arguably the most dangerous threat to the City and those living within it. The Safeguard and its agents are one of the primary antagonists of Blame!.


Before the Administration lost control of the City, the Safeguard was a security operation that maintained order, protecting the City and its human inhabitants from harm. However, once the "infection" began to spread among humans that made it impossible for them to access the Netsphere, the Administration lost control of the City's systems, including the Safeguard.

Since the Safeguard were programmed to eliminate "non-citizens," it determined that every human without a Net Terminal Genes was "illegal" and had to be destroyed. In effect, the modus operandi of the Safeguard became the extermination of all humans and Silicon Life within the City.

Safeguard Units[]

The Safeguard exists in nearly every stratum of the City, constantly monitoring for traces of human or cyborg activity. When anything is detected, it takes action by "downloading" a Safeguard unit (also called a Safeguard) to the area, wherein the matter in the area of the downloading is rapidly converted into the necessary materials and parts to make the unit. In this respect, Safeguards can effectively "grow" out of any object large enough to accommodate them.

Structure Conversion Towers[]

Within many strata appear Structure Conversion Towers. These structures act as banks of raw material for Safeguard units to materialize out of, and also act as security beacons; touching one is enough to provoke an immediate response. In many strata, the towers serve as the only way to access the Megastructure to the next stratum, making any attempt to even get near the Megastructure incredibly difficult.

Level System[]

Safeguards are divided into 9 "levels" that roughly describe how powerful they are, with 1 being the weakest and 9 being the strongest. Safeguards are deployed based on the size/scale of the triggering action; a group of humans is a minor threat, so only a few Exterminators are summoned.


Types of Safeguards[]

Level 1:[]

  • Exterminators - Exterminators are the default Safeguard unit, spawned by the dozens by the slightest provocation. Resembling androgynous humanoid robots, Exterminators swarm their target and tear them to pieces with their elongated, claw-like hands.

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