Blame! Wiki
Gender Male
Race Electrofishers
Hair Black
First Appearance Log.13
Status Deceased(presumed)
Allies Electrofishers, Killy, Cibo
Enemies Safeguard
Voice Actor Michael McConnohie
Seiyū Kazuhiro Yamaji

Pops is an elder member of the Electrofishers community. He is first seen on a patrol with Sutezo.

After the fight for the Electrofisher town we don't see him anymore which may suggest that he is killed.

Blame! Movie[]

In the movie Pops is the leader of the Electrofishers.

Initially he doubts Killy but Zuru convinces him to give him a chance.

Later when Cibo promises to print Food Ration Bars for the town, Pops decide to help her by escorting her and Killy to the Factory.

When Sanakan is revealed, she shoots Pops' left hand off.

Pops movie1

Movie Pops