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Gender Female
Race Silicon Life
Hair Black/green
First Appearance Log.38
Last Appearance Log.49
Status Alive
Allies Davine Lu Linvega

Silicon Life

Enemies Dhomochevsky


Pcell was a Silicon Creature serving under Davinelulinvega.


Volume 7[]

Pcell was one of the Silicon Creatures of Davinelulinvega’s gang that invaded the unofficial megastructure level in order to access the Netsphere.  She and her allies clashed with Safeguards Dhomochevsky and Iko for many years, gradually claiming control of the level over time.

She is first seen observing Killy and Cibo as they enter the Megastructure level, witnessing their fight with Blon and later Dhomochevsky and Iko. She alerts both Davine and Schiff of their presence, sending the latter after them. Later on, she finds their hiding place, sending the newly-created Silicon Exterminators after them.

When Dhomo, Iko, and Cibo escape the Exterminators, Pcell takes it upon herself to go after them and retrieve the gene capsule Cibo is carrying.  She engages in a duel against Dhomochevsky, easily deflecting his bullets with her gravitational sword, while Blon abducts Cibo. After Dhomo frees Cibo, Iko buys them time to escape by holding Pcell back with an electric attack. Although Blon is ultimately killed and the others escape, Pcell is able to retrieve the gene capsule.

Volume 8[]




Pcell appears in a one-shot sequel to Blame!. Here she is depicted as the 8th incarnation of herself with short white hair. The story revolves around her trying to leave the City and rebuild her Silicon Life tribe.


Pcell is one of the more human-looking Silicon Creatures, but is still an obvious cyborg with the mechanical devices attached to her head. She wears a long black trenchcoat-like garment with the vents of the coat constantly flying in the wind.

She also appears to have a third eye on her forehead; it is possible this is how she is able to scan the area with her mind.


Pcell carries a sword that functions similar to the Gravitational Beam Emitter, although it is used by a swinging motion instead of being fired like a gun. It is able to cause mass destruction and deflect bullets (including other gravitational beams) from enemies.

She is also able to transform into a mass of wires through use of the structural conversion towers and reform at will, although this appears to put a strain on her. She can also scan the land with her mind and find certain people and objects.



  • It is strongly hinted that there is some sort of past relationship between Pcell and Dhomochevsky, although Nihei has not talked much about this.