Blame! Wiki
Gender Female
Race Unknown
Hair Black
First Appearance Log.56
Last Appearance Log.64
Status Alive in the Netsphere
Allies Killy

Mori is the name of an emergency preservation pack that Killy finds during his journey. Mori is actually the name of the pack's manufacturer, and although it contains someone's consciousness, they do not remember their actual name.

At some point Mori tries to make Killy insert her backup pin into himself which would've give her control over his body, but this try fails.

After Killy saves Cibo's child, Mori is taken by the Governing Agency to a storage area, where it enters a safe cyberspace. It takes the form of a young girl and recounts what it saw to other artificial and virtual intelligences.


  • "Mori" could be short for "Memory" which is precisely what Mori is.
  • It is also possible that Mori's name comes from the same word in Latin, which means "to die". It is also known that the Latin phrase "Memento Mori" (remember you must die) was a trope used as a reminder of the invevitability of death in medieval paintings and architecture.

Mori's backup pin