Blame! Wiki
Gender Female
Race Silicon Life
Hair White
First Appearance Log.6
Last Appearance Log.6
Status Deceased
Allies Genitalias
Enemies Killy

Metajiini is a Silicon Life that attack Killy in Log.6 together with her partner Genitalias when she finds out that he destroyed a Silicon Life hatching chamber. Killy manages to outmaneuvers her and kills her at point blank range by a shot to the head.

Blame Academy[]

In Blame Academy - Tokyo and Nara under one umbrella Metajiini tries to push Killy off a high building but he notices her and side steps. She falls off the high building instead and ends up covered in plaster until the end of the chapter.

In Blame Academy - Under the Tower of blooming Sakura Metajiini and Genitalias use a Structure Conversion Tower to become Moe to infiltrate the Academy, which only make her breasts to grow. They manage to enter the Academy but in the end gunned down by Sanakans collateral damage.


  • Blame Academy is the only place where her name is mentioned.