Blame! Wiki
Gender Female
Race AI
Hair White
First Appearance Log.23
Status Alive
Allies Killy, Cibo
Enemies Silicon Life

Mensab is an artificial intelligence that defends Toha Heavy Industries' Cave 8. She is usually accompanied by her loyal companion, Seu. She has a rather close relationship to Seu and hates her superior, the Central AI, for forbidding her to regenerate his personality.


  • Cave 8 control: as part of her duty, Mensab can remotely control all interfaces of Cave 8.
  • Forwarding: a form of teleportation which she often uses to save Seu when he takes too much damage. In one occasion Killy gets caught up in the forwarding and is sent to another world line where he meets another version of Cibo.
  • Magnetic bindings: stunning one person as long as concentration is held.