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High-Level Exterminator is a powerful variation of the Exterminators. This Exterminator receives a mission from the Safeguard program to recover the illegally downloaded Safeguard level 9 data in Cibo's body.


It appears to be larger and taller than normal Exterminators, stands on two legs and has some sort of energy rings floating around its body, along with that is a sphere located in the abdomen similar to the level 9 Cibo's sphere. This sphere is glowing and seems to contain energy for destructive attacks.

Powers & Abilities[]

This version of Exterminator has abilities that surpass most of the Safeguards that have appeared throughout the manga, including Sanakan. It appears to have the ability to manipulate gravity, as seen by the fact that it walks through the air and lifts Sanakan and Cibo's bodies without physical contact.

In addition, it is also capable of creating matter into any shape it wants, such as the square cylindrical room it creates to bind Sanakan or the transparent mass that surrounds Killy's body to prevent him from attacking with the GBE.

Its main damaging attack is a massive beam of energy that comes from the glowing sphere located in its abdomen. This beam of energy has enough power to destroy almost all of Sanakan's Safeguard body mass.

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