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A Gravitational Beam Emitter (GBE) is an extremely powerful directed-energy weapon that is either hand-held or incorporated to its user's arm. GBEs are extremely rare, with Killy being the only main character that carries one, but special Safeguards and Silicon Life are occasionally equipped with them. When triggered, a GBE blasts a wide, perfectly cylindrical beam that destroys almost anything in its path. As its name implies, GBEs are probably a gravity-manipulating technology. However, the principles behind their function have been lost to time, as Cibo mentions that not even her team was able to reverse-engineer them.


GBE comes in many different shapes and sizes. The smallest version is Killy's, which looks like a normal handgun with a cross-shaped energy indicator on the rear of the gun. Sanaka's GBE is larger in size, almost similar to that of a hand-held shotgun. The massive Safeguard unit battling Killy, Cibo, and the Electrofishers has a massive GBE built into its body, revealing the barrel when it opens its mouth. This GBE has a much longer charge time due to its enormous size.


The GBE can be fired in two ways, either pulling the trigger one at a time for multiple shots, or holding the trigger longer to charge a shot with a larger, longer beam of energy. Because of the charging mechanism, the gun will drain the user's energy on each shot, more or less depending on how long the user holds the trigger. At the beginning of the story, Killy seems to be very exhausted after a few shots and has to recharge by injecting small tubes of energy into his body. Later, when the Safeguard function is restored, Killy uses the gun more comfortably.

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