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The Governing Agency (also known as the Authority, Governors, Administration or Controllers) is the faction in charge of protecting the Netsphere. The Safeguards, a program intended to secure and protect the City, was created by the Governing Agency but it has now become outdated and works independently. Although Safeguards are similar to the Administration, they share different and often conflicting goals. They want to stop the chaotic growth of the Megastructure caused by the Builders, and seek a human with Net Terminal Genes as Killy does. Because of this, they often aid Killy against the Safeguards and Silicon Life. The Governors can only act on the orders given to them by a human with Net Terminal Genes.

Main Safeguard * Silicon Life * Builders * Governing Agency
Human Electrofishers * Dry Men * Laborers * Planters * Technomads
Monsters Giant Larva * Watchers * Fairies * Giant Worms
Subcategories Exterminators * High-Level Exterminator