Blame! Wiki
Girl with dog1
Gender Female
Hair White
First Appearance Log.2
Last Appearance Log.51
Status Alive
Allies Killy, dog

The unnamed girl appear in Log.2 escorted by a dog. She picks up a human that Killy escorted and places him in some sort of storage device.

She seems to be working with Killy as he has no objection to any of her actions and even gives her a book he found.


  • It can be speculated that the girl is affiliated with Authority as she and Killy work together to escort a human to an unknown location.
  • Another theory says that this is Cibo(also see notes) and Log.2 is happening after the events of Log.65 and this is actually Killy escorting Cibo's Child to Authority.

Blame! ONA[]

In the 6th episode the girl appear with her dog, recreating Log.2. In the end of the episode she claims her name is Cibo.


  • The girl and the dog characters are based on a short story "The Snows Are Melted, the Snows Are Gone" by James Tiptree Jr.(Alice B. Sheldon). The book Killy finds in Log2 contains this story.
  • In Blame! ONA episode 6 that reenacts Log.2 the girl says her name is Cibo.
  • In Log.51 Killy has a memory of the girl and the dog when he reboots.