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Electrofisher in suit

The Electrofishers were originally Planters who have splintered off and forgotten their past. They currently reside in an Abandoned Level after their original home was destroyed in a Safeguard Attack.

Blame! Movie[]

Prior to meeting Killy, the Electrofishers were starving as their food and water supplies dwindled. Many older members were killed trying to find resources, and the Electrofishers have resorted to recruiting younger members (e.g., Tae and Fusata). Before the start of the movie, a large group of Electrofishers were completely annihilated by the Safeguard. Another group of six Electrofishers ventured out to search for resources without informing the Village. However, three of them were killed by safeguard exterminators, and the rest only survive until Killy shoots the remaining safeguard.

Upon returning, Killy notices the dire and decrepit state of their village, leading him give them a portable food ration bar. Later, some Electrofishers (i.e., Pops, Sutezo, and Zuru) inform Killy of an anomaly beneath their village that may be linked to Killy's quest for humans with Net Terminal Genes. They discover it is a heavily damaged, yet still functioning android that was abandoned for 17,526,000 hours (1,999 Gregorian years).

The android states she is Cibo, and informs the group of a Automated Factory near the village that can create a Portable Net Terminal Connection as well as copious amounts of food and other necessary survival items. Viewing this as their best chance of salvation, the Electrofishers volunteered to join Killy and Cibo. Much later, albeit with perils and some casualties, the surviving Electrofishers leave the factory and manage to return to their village with some portable food rations.


Electrofishers possess highly advanced armor capable of increasing their running speed, and physical durability. Their armor's helmets possess digital HUDs (Heads-Up Displays) that run IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) sensors, focal eye trackers, zoom features, a partial map of the Mega Structure, built-in radios, and terrain analysers that determines the safest possible routes. Despite these capabilities, the armor provides limited protection against the safeguard as implied that even low-level safeguards can easily kill whole fully-armored Electrofisher squads.  Their weapons are long rail-rifles that shoot spears with little recoil. The gun can fire one or two spears at once, each spear capable of piercing the head of an exterminator; its power being the equivalent to a .338 Lapua Magnum bullet. The biggest disadvantage of the rifle is its ammo: The rifle can only hold two spears at once, and rifle user is left defenceless during the rifle's long reloading time. 

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