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The Dismantler is an engineer that works under the command of the Authority to dismantle Netsphere technology artifacts such as the Structure conversion towers after the events of the Blame! manga.


After Killy succeeded in finding the carrier of the Net Terminal Genes and returning The City to normal, there was still an unchangeable fact that the human genes had permanently mutated. They are still considered by the Safeguard program as outsiders. Devices that are closely linked to the Netsphere such as structure conversion towers are now viewed as potentially dangerous artifacts that need to be removed or decommissioned. That work is done by technical experts called the Dismantlers.


The Dismantler that appears in the series is a man with white hair. He wears a long black coat along with a strange pendant, which has the power to prevent the Safeguards from attacking the user. He doesn't seem to be much different from a normal person, and it's not clear if he has a superior body upgrade like Killy's or not.


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