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Cibos orb
First Appearance Log.49
Last Appearance Log.65
Status Alive
Allies Cibo, Sanakan, Killy

When Cibo transformed into the Level 9 Safeguard her body contained an orb in her stomach. Later it was discovered that the orb is an entity that has the Net Terminal Genes and that it will start to develop when it will be in a safe environment.

In Log.65 Killy carries the orb to an unknown location with a lot of water and plants, and the orb seemed to start to develop.

With the child, the Authority will be able to stabilize the Netsphere, take control over the Safeguard and the Builders and stop the infinite growth of the City.


There are some speculation to the appearance of the child in other forms:

  • In Log.65 last page Killy is escorting a mechanical child that could be Cibo's child.
  • There is a theory that Log.1 and 2 take place after the events of Log.65. In Log.1 we see Killy escort a human child and in Log.2 a Girl with a dog pick up the child and then report to an unknown party that the child's genes are intact. This theory would also explain the child from Log.1/2 as Killy won't need to keep looking for the Net Terminal Genes if he already found them.


  • In Log.64 Mori says that the Child while still in the orb form carries the genes of two women, presumably these are Cibo and Sanakan.