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Blon was a Silicon Creature serving under Davinelulinvega.

Blame! 38.2-17 copy
Gender Male
Race Silicon Life
Hair None
First Appearance Log.38
Last Appearance Log.43
Status Deceased
Allies Silicon Life; Davinelulinvega; Pcell; Schiff
Enemies Safeguard; Dhomochevsky; Iko; Killy; Cibo


Blon was one of the Silicon Creatures of Davinelulinvega’s gang that invaded the Unofficial Megastructure level in order to access the Netsphere. He and his allies clashed with Safeguards Dhomochevsky and Iko for many years, gradually claiming control of the level.

He is first seen attacking Killy and Cibo upon their entry to the Unofficial Megastructure level by sending his insect legions after them before confronting them himself.  He rams Killy in his centipede form, impaling him numerous times before transforming into his humanoid form.  As he towers over them, laughing at the sight of the little ones before him, Killy fires his GBE at Blon’s midsection, destroying the majority of his body and leaving only his arms, legs, and head behind.

Blon, however, survived the GBE blast, returning later in his biggest form along with Pcell to abduct Cibo and steal the gene capsule she is carrying. Dhomochevsky engages in a gunfight against him, both unloading their machine guns on each other and taking massive damage. Blon manages to snatch the capsule away from Cibo before Dhomochevsky shoots off the arm that is holding her. While trying to swat at Dhomochevsky, the hand holding the capsule is shot off. He charges at the protagonists, who retreat into the level’s elevator and shut the hatch lid while Blon is still in the hatch locking area. Blon tries in vain to hold the lid open but his legs snap off from the pressure and the hatch shuts, crushing him completely.


Blon is a very heavily-build cyborg, towering over all the other characters in any of his given forms. He takes on many different forms; the first is a massive centipede-like creature capable of burrowing into the ground and causing mass damage.

His second his a more humanoid form, with a large Gatling gun attached to his arm.

His Final form is almost a mixture of the two, a massive insect-like creature with numerous sets of arms and a long, spindly body. Blons individual parts are constantly seen moving around on their own, truly making him appear insectoid.


Blon is able to shapeshift, taking on many different forms in the series. He can rebuild himself even after taking massive damage. He controls a legion of parasitic leech-like creatures which are able to paralyze their host, and it is implied that these are actually a part of him. He also wields a massive Gatling gun on his arm.



  • Most of Blon's forms are insect-based. Ironically, he meets his end by being squished like one.