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Blame! is a 2017 Japanese CGI anime adaptation loosely retelling the events of the Electrofishers arc. It was globally released by Netflix on May 20, 2017.


Taking place in the year 35,000, Zuru must protect her village from the ongoing robotics of the Safeguard with the help of Killy.

Character Differences[]

  • Killy - In the movie Killy seems to be in a generally better shape than the manga. While in the manga he lost his memories and some abilities, here he shows no sign of memory loss. He has the eye scan ability from the start(in the manga he regains this ability in the first time after Zuru tends his wounds). He also seem to be better geared, carrying Food Rations and a portable Electric Barrier Generator.
  • Cibo - In the manga Cibo accompanies Killy when they first meet the Electrofishers. In the movie she is found as a Cyborg torso in the rubble under the Electrofisher town. While in the manga she originally worked at the Bio Electric Corporation, here she conducts her "creating a human with Net Terminal Genes" experiment just under the Electrofishers town. Her personality is about the same but here she seems to be much more secretive about her intentions.
  • Sanakan - In both cases Sanakan acts as a relatively mindless Safeguard. The only difference from the manga is her infiltration method. While in the manga she take the form of am innocent child, in the movie she disguises as Tae to enter the town.
  • Sutezo - In the manga Sutezo is portrayed as a generic "good guy" that is only there to show Zuru's growth. In the movie he is shown as a emotionless prick, opposing all ideas of change. He seems to be angry about everything that happens.
  • Zuru - In the manga she is portrayed as a medic of sorts in the beginning, later she takes a more warrior/leadership stance(due to some events). In the movie she is seen as a kid who only now reaching maturity, unlike the manga she doesn't change much as a person.
  • Pops - In the movie he is portrayed as the leader of the Electrofishers. In the manga he is shown as just an elder in the community who still can fight.