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Blame!² - Chronicle of the Escape from the Megastructure by the Eighth Incarnation of Pcell (第八系子体プセルの都市構造体脱出記 Dai-hachi Keikotai Puseru no Toshikōzōtai Dasshutsu Ki), is a full-color, 16-page one-shot and sequel to the Blame! manga. It was released in Morning Bessatsu Mandala #2, in 2008.


The story is set long after the events of the manga, where thanks to the now-mythical Killy, humans have regained control of the City and have begun hunting Silicon Creatures. An incarnation of Pcell lives for approximately 30 years in a Silicon Creature settlement that forbids interacting with Netsphere terminals, until she is forced to flee when a group of humans attack. She manages to escape with seven other Silicon Creatures, who are eventually hunted down as well along the way. Pcell also carries a pod containing the necessary data to reconstruct her village.

The story opens with Pcell having journeyed to a place where a gigantic hole in the Megastructure remains unrepaired by the Builders. Pcell acknowledges that the hole was the result of the now-mythical Killy, whose existence implies that the City has a finite size. Pcell inadvertently wanders into a human settlement, where she is nearly killed. Unable to move, Pcell enters into standby mode, reflecting on her time on the village, until she is reawakened 47 years later by a miniature Builder. When it gets close, Pcell manages to hijack it to regenerate her body.

She eventually makes it into the entrance of the outermost Megastructure layer. Defying her religious teachings, Pcell ventures in only to face a horde of Exterminators. She fends off most of them until coming face to face with a High-Level Exterminator, which is blasted away by Killy's GBE. Pcell comes around on the outer surface of the City, having been brought there by Killy. Now knowing Killy to be real, Pcell morphs her body into a spacefaring form and leaves the City to rebuild her village somewhere else in the Universe.