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The Bio Electric Corporation has many guards in many shapes, however none of them have been named.

This is a list of the guards and their appearance and abilities.



These are guards that look like Exterminators and they function about the same. The only difference in their appearance is their heads that look like Schiff's head.

Pod Guards[]

Pod guard1

These guards have a humanoid torso, arms and head on top of an undefined figure resembling a dumpling (for lack of a better description). They can reflect energy beams like the Gravitational Beam Emitter by looking in the general direction of the beam. They can also shoot destructive waves from their right arm.

Silicon Life[]

Dry silicon1

There is one guard that looks like a female Dry Men that was turned into a Silicon Life. She uses a foldable blade similar to the blades that the Dry Men use. She uses it like a boomerang.